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Today, when mobile banking is becoming very popular via dedicated smartphone transportation and payment apps, 80 % of the total banking customers still want to visit a bank location clearly showing how banks and physical locations are essential strategic assets. In addition, banking facilities need to work efficiently to support company goals, reduce operating costs to produce strong profits and strengthen customer relations. In order to control their organisation, facilities managers rely on sophisticated space management tools for banks.

How Bank Facility Management Software Can Help

Efficient bank management software can allow banks and financial institutions to better match their business goals with their facilities and physical locations. Cloud-based facilities applications can assist banks in ensuring greater operational performance while reducing costs. Bank management software optimizes various business processes on a regular basis, increases workers' overall performance and profitability.

Management of property: Advanced property management software empowers banks to handle their assets efficiently with minimal business disturbances. Users will be informed by automated email notifications about the approaching rent-out date to renew leasing agreements in due course. This also preserves quite securely all assets and records related to leases such as rental receipts.

Optimizing Space: After introducing space management software, space management becomes a simple job for the banks. The introduction of banking space management tools helps banks to use unused space efficiently, increase efficiency, streamline space allocation and decommissioning and substantially decrease operating costs. To ensure space quality accountability, state-of-the-art bank Space Management Systems can be conveniently implemented to ERP, HR or CRM.

Physical Asset Management : The entire life cycle of their fixed assets inside facilities and offices can be effectively handled by banks and financial organizations using physical asset management software.

Help Desk Management: The help desk management program allows banks and financial organizations to track clients ' issues, grievances and service requests at their premises. With automated processes, banks and employees can concentrate on adding new customers to their accounts, retaining them and selling financial products. A well run bank promotes the improvement of customer ties with employees and all other market concerns.

Bank Facility Management

Management of the Bank Facility serves as the mechanism to agree on higher control of financial activities of their classes. The entire treasury activities of a corporation are also shielded. After data processing, this program generates reports such as current facilities available to businesses in various banks, use of facilities by companies from different banks, consolidated financial commitments for a certain division or business for a specific time to a bank or beneficiary, wise sector or business forecasts for the collection, etc. It also requires the handling of bank installations such as, LC, LG, TR, Short Term Loans, and a long-term loan, etc. You should be able to make a good decision on which facility you will have to take care of its costs and availability through your future commitments. This allows you to determine how to meet potential financial commitments after leveraging current financial capital and facilities of the businesses. It has interfaces for collecting data with minimal effort and for incorporating the required links into the current financial and inventory network. The program also provides a variety of reports focused on both current and historical evidence for the planning / arrangement of funds and the decision-making process.

Key Features

Group of facilities: Through marking every facility, you can easily group your facilities. This indicates the complete number of installations, the sum due, the sum accrued, etc.

Installations control: It allows you to efficiently and easily manage your various bank information. Sellers can easily handle records, obtain items and obtain payment information. It has a large feature that allows all costs to be added to the cost of imports. You can track your customer bank, receiving bank and other basic information. You can manage the facilities back to back.

Dashboard: Dashboard offers a summary of the business easily. The interactive port and charts highlight the module provides valuable operational information. The users who help to improve their everyday productivity will personalize our dashboard.

Automated details: Captured data from the ERP system and the Bank Facility Module to ensure accurate and instantaneous mapping of data to the appropriate documents and manual input.

Alerts: Provide detailed detail over the lifetime of the services being offered. Sets notifications for automatic notification of important events, such as new installations, changes, permits, expiration dates and other extraordinary events.

Payment Tracking: Payments are tracked and maturity and payment times, number, currency, deducted fees and accounts credited are managed.

Benefits at a glance

  1. Therefore, less risk of errors introduced into the ERP scheme.
  2. No errors in record formation
  3. Better banking ties with raising gaps in documents
  4. Speed: processing and verification of documents, following LC documents does not require much effort
  5. Standardize all team-wide LC production
  6. Reduces operating costs
  7. Installations to screen and print as recommended immediately
  8. Automatically provide notice of the current status of the unit, including potential expirations, delays and payments
  9. Reduce inconsistent planning disparities
  10. Display the documents needed in the planning process
  11. Manage and store electronic papers with an audit trail of each transaction, reducing processing costs
  12. Flexibility and maintenance of systems
  13. Flexible accounting of services invoices

No matter the industry, facility managers are faced with diverse issues, particularly as the number of locations they’re responsible for increases. Within the banking industry, managing multi-site retail locations can often present distinct facility issues. Specifically, with a distributed portfolio of locations, facility managers are faced with the challenge of providing quality services to small, frequently remote sites outside major city hubs. Instead of using a self-performance model typically reserved for larger buildings with an efficient infrastructure already in place, a subcontractor model becomes preferred in order to hire quality vendors needed to meet the facilities’ needs.

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