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In the recent times there is an increased responsibility for the Government facilities to follow strict regulatory compliance and safety measures on environmental issues. This has led to the importance of using a proper facility management solution to strictly follow the green practices in the facilities. The Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions in the Employment and resident sector is expected to drive the facilities to bring in an effective facility management solution to focus more on their core operations. The government initiatives are expected to drive the growth of organized facilities in the country. Many Government entities are responsible for maintaining a wide range of facilities like residential buildings, office buildings, Dormitories, schools and lot of other real estate projects. The facility management will cover the following areas in the government sector

  • Local, State and Federal Government
  • Government Agencies
  • Educational Organisations- Universities, Primary / Secondary Schools
  • Art Galleries, Museums & Libraries
  • Public Transport Organisations
  • And any organisation that is within the broad Public Sector

Facility management in the public sector is driving towards a greater optimization. Changes from Governing for Citizen to Government with Citizen where the government has started moving as a facilitator, instead of controlling inputs has started measuring and validating the Outcomes. As a result of the evolving needs of the public sector, the role of Domitos will extend beyond offering facility support services into playing an integral role in creating change in the society. As the public sector continues to operate within the traditional boundaries, Domitos extend the hands in providing solution that ease the workload of the Government Facility Officials in few clicks

The major Issues faced by the Government facilities are

  • Huge pile of paper data dumps Excel Data where in retrieval of the needed data is very tedious
  • No past record of the assets, or change of assets
  • No proper maintenance tracking
  • No effective coordination with vendors
  • Limited Issue tracking
  • Limited budget

In the adverse time of budgets controls and extensive public needs, there is great increase in Outsourcing the facility management services in the government sectors.  IoT started acquiring a large grip by generating data that can be used to increase productivity and efficiency.  Facilities managers in Government sector having financial constraints, where in the facilities has to manage the same within the limited budget. Government facilities will require an efficient solution like Domitos for secure, stable, scalable and cost efficient solution to manage their tenants in the facility.

To overcome the challenges mentioned, Domitos has come up with the most advanced modules that caters to any complex requirements of the Government facilities. To list a few

CRM ​- The solution comes with a built in CRM module specifically built for Property Management Business. Manage Leads, Sales Pipeline, Proposal Approval workflows, Sales Insights and Contract Management in one single place.

Property Maintenance ​- Maintenance is the key for any facilities in view of digitization. Maintenance helps in periodic as well as preventive maintenance

Vendor Management - ​Comprehensive vendor management for on-boarding, defining services and to continuously engage the Vendor through Vendor Portal

Assets - ​Manage both Client Assets brought to rented premise as well as the existing premise assets. Depreciation of assets and lost and found module adds value

Issues - ​In built Issue resolution mechanism as well as field service management

Client Portal - ​Client Portal helps in managing all the issues, billings and payment automation for every client. This is a help desk with a self-service portal combined.

The above modules help the facilities to

  • Track the Residents
  • Creating awareness on current issues and challenges in managing government assets
  • To assess the strength and weaknesses of current system, its effectiveness and efficiency
  • Vendor Management
  • To explore ways to minimize and improve the quality of government assets through different maintenance techniques
  • Implementing an effective maintenance and inspection system is essential for the safety, reliability and sustainability of your facilities
  • Assure compliance with government regulations and standards, for effective management of facilities

Domitos enables the facility managers to excel in their operational areas by delivering more cost-effective Facilities Management services, by its dynamic features of managing the tenants, vendors, Inventories, Work Orders, raising and tracking issues, managing maintenance activities, site audits, asset management, accounts management with diversified and powerful reports helping in efficient decision making for the facility managers in compliance with government regulations

Government sector across countries demands operational efficiency and resource optimization. Domitos delivers world class solution that solve most of the economic and operational challenges of the government facilities

It is important to ensure the integrity of government facilities are maintained and the legacy of the nation is respected

Domitos is also closely working with Singapore Government to manage the Covid 19 pandemic in the facilities. Domitos Team has co-developed this with the inputs from the Singapore Government where more than 90percent of the cases were reported for the community of Migrant workers. The solution right now helps many facilities in Singapore to manage the COVID pandemic. Listing a few features like

  • Bed Management,
  • Facility Management,
  • COVID Status reporting for government,
  • Patient Data Management,
  • Reporting Insights,
  • Gives a high-level tool to implement quarantine.

The Solution tracks and Observe events, change beds and manage units completely. Domitos has defined best practices along with Singapore Governments Epidemic Management protocol with well-defined steps for patient observation

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