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Every Facilities who are Domitos clients’ seeking competitive advantage for an efficient facility management experience should have a high user proficiency. An efficient end user training is the time to accelerate the end-users to adopt new technology

To ensure that all the needed stake holders are covered in the training, mDrift Technologies prepare and execute a dynamic training plan

Domitos trainings are of 4 types

Introduction Training

This is the primary training given to all the authorized personnel’s once the Domitos is implemented at client location. The training starts with the introduction of Domitos with the detailed module training to the users who are authorized to access the modules. This will be followed by Hands-on session to make the users comfortable enough for the smooth handling of the solution

Refresher Training

This training may be done to the old users with the purpose of improving their efficiencies. They are introduced to the new methods and technologies that would result in the increased productivity.

Training on Request

This is the training done on the request of the client. This can be mainly due to new users at client location New Feature Training – This training is given to the client once new features are added to the solution.

Training User Manual

A detailed Product user guide is provided to the users after the training is provided. This acts as a reference guide in the initial stages if the user finds any doubts in the navigation.

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