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A reliable and timely post Implementation support is the DNA of Domitos Team. Domitos is having a dedicated support team which acts as an extended IT team for the facility management customers. 24/4 support is provided to customers through On Call Solution, Support Ticket and E-mails. We have an excellent team of experienced talents, each of them specializing in particular types of support.

To ensure that our Real Estate clients succeed in Business, we have a comprehensive set of Support Service Offerings

Support activities provided by Domitos

  1. Problem Correction (Corrective Maintenance)
  2. System Backup for Data & Application (Preventive Maintenance)
  3. Process and Application Improvement
  4. Retrieval of Archived and Dormant Records
  5. Application Enhancement
  6. Amendments in Functional Records
  7. Back-dated Manual Corrections
  8. Adjustments to System caused by Operational Errors

Monthly Review Meeting

Metrics will be tracked by Domitos Team summarized in a dashboard format, and discussed in a monthly meeting. This activity includes the following: • Reviewing performance and issues resolution of the Domitos Application. • Capturing agreements and disagreements and items needing escalation. • Reviewing application enhancement roadmap and decide on implementation. • Reviewing process and application improvement roadmap and decide on implementation. The dashboard shall be shared in a monthly mail from the concerned stakeholder by Domitos Team and dashboard shall be in PDF format.

Quarterly Review Meeting

A quarterly review meeting will include the following: • The SLA will be reviewed with the facilities manager/s involved and an amendment addendum will be created if required. • Review process will be through teleconference or face-to-face meeting session which will be booked in advance. • Review document prepared by Domitos Team including monthly review meeting material together identified topics that might need adjustment within SLA (e.g. scope, metrics, etc.). • SLA changes will be tracked by version number and date.

Application Enhancement

Application enhancement involve functional enhancements made to a properly working application to accommodate new or changed user requirements. Examples include increasing an application’s performance, enhancing a user interface, optimizing code or new functionalities. Application enhancements can be requested by the client – Facilities or proposed by Domitos Team. Facilities will prioritize the order in which enhancements are performed. Any development work conducted on Facilities’ system that is considered application enhancement and does not fall under maintenance of existing code will be billed. Both parties will discuss a mutually acceptable commercial arrangement for such development.

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