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Luxury retail stores promise their customers an exclusive shopping experience so full attention is given to meeting their customers needs. This mind-set becomes a habit as their company adopts it the way they think and operate. This extends to the facility maintenance and departments as well. Luxury maintenance services ensure that the shop refit is designed smartly and professionally, stressing efficiency and the highest standards. The management of luxury retail facilities is evolving. New facilities management technology puts together different systems and facility managers can remotely access and do more with less. Rather than missing out on future developments and possibilities on plant management, find these real-world development implementations that drive forward the management of luxury retail facilities. For the luxury retail business, DOMITOS can also adapt the latest technologies like

  1. Virtual and augmented reality to enable inspections and routine assessments
  2. Drones Will Increase Safety in Large Facilities
  3. Robotics should offer better support to customers
  4. Big data and analytics will provide new insights and opportunities

Advantages that you get from DOMITOS facility management

  1. Gain premium performance with less spend: Make accurate decisions based on data and divide all your expenditure and efficiency by location, trade and suppliers. When you collect historical data to build better budgets, you can detect any problems instantly.
  2. Keep staff focused on customers, not problems: Through our platform, maintenance problems that distract you from a store experience can be quickly recorded by workers. They will know that work will be done with automated workflows for repairs and maintenance and that locations will remain top-quality.
  3. Use only A-list providers: DOMITOS will help to improve the network by using our deep facility provider data to source the best of the best. Then get the insights to optimize all your internal techs, self- performers, etc.
  4. Always deliver a first-class brand experience: Make sure every detail is right in every store with streamlined audits to quickly make needed repairs and improvements. Keep it that way by making it easy for staff to order on-brand supplies from central catalogues

Compared to big box stores, luxury retailers have a more relaxed and shopping experience. The client's experience determines quality in a brand and the efficient operation of quality retail facilities implies elegance and flawless execution. Backstage operations and activities are important in the elimination of problems and issues in building management in the case of facility managers who manage a luxury retail business. In other words, the management of luxury stores requires a few additional considerations. Luxury facilities provide excellent operation, quicker response and quick solutions to potential problems.

Equipment Failure is not an option: The failure of equipment may include burnt out lamps, HVAC control problems, plumbing problems and safety problems. Since the risk of security threats to luxury brands is often increased, particularly when physically disrupted, all systems have to operate seamlessly without interrupting their customer experience. All maintenance plans should take place when customers are not present and the climate should not alter as a result of energy efficiency improvements

Managing Facilities in Luxury Must Be White-Labelled: Luxury brand consumers will not search for businesses with operations outsourced. Due to the improved expertise, customer service and dedication to quality found by these retailers, they shop in the luxury environment. The company does not also have project management systems popular. A large team of technicians ready to address a question is often a distinctive characteristic of luxury shops and luxury retailers may have to test everything during service. Instant management partners must ensure that both technicians and vendors understand how they can fix issues without interruption rather than call someone with no expertise in preserving customer satisfaction and shopping experience.

Collaboration Between the Stores Employees, Facilities Managers and Others Remains Essential: Luxury retail means that clients can never see the work of facility management behind the scenes. Instead, only the personnel and brands they would like should be seen. The obvious example is that the customers in the area should not abandon one ladder in the dressing room to remove an ampoule. Therefore, any device needs to cause alerts, so that the issue is addressed until it impacts the shopping experience of a customer. A team member will remove the bulb in this scenario and another team member can support the customer. This keeps the luxurious retail atmosphere problem-free, and contact is crucial to this achievement.

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