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Facility Management in Healthcare

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To enhance patient care, a wide variety of facilities and operations are necessary. Management of healthcare facilities is essential for medical facilities and to guarantee secure and rapid maintenance of service requests without interruption. For order to meet people's needs, effective hospitals and medical services are essential. Proper hospitals and medical services needed the loss of money, energy and staff for hospitals. The effective utilization of resources improves hospital-patient relationships.


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Declining global health issues are a direct influence on human healthcare. Modern pharmaceutical devices and advanced technology, but by labour intensive procedures, are used in healthcare industries.


The planning and design of medical facilities is essential in order to enhance the experience of patients and staff.

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More than million people die annually in our air pollution problems. More than millions of water and food contamination. What is our position as providers of healthcare in resolving these key areas of poor health?

Challenges DOMITOS can deal with in the Healthcare Industry

  1. Facility emergency systems requirements are becoming more stringent.
  2. Executives demand lower overhead costs.
  3. Security is more important than ever.
  4. Patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes determine reimbursement from insurers.
  5. Changing Facility Emergency Systems’ Requirements Following New Regulations: Communication of existing emergency response systems across the internet can potentially lead to fines and restrictions by security authorities proposing new laws. Without the correct details available. Typical improvements include the use of patient care areas of fault sensing systems of electrical outlets, hospital equipment and other fields. Therefore, local, national and state supervisory agencies would like to be able to automatically audit and assess the current status of a facility. The only solution is, therefore, to connect these systems online and through the IoT.
  6. Financial Pressures Demand Lower Overhead Costs: In recent months, since the failure and potential repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, healthcare services have become a major concern. In an unpredictable future, administrators of health facilities face new pressures to cut costs wherever possible. Fortunately, energy management programs may provide healthcare facilities with new revenue sources. Therefore, patients, creditors, supervisory bodies, and insurance firms placed these stresses on facilities management practitioners. Current laws on patient health require stronger and safer programs. This means that transition must be swift and effective. Supervisory bodies are constantly controlling devices such as elevator control, fire alarms and electric systems that impact patient health. This creates increased pressure on facility managers to upgrade existing patient safety systems and keep the costs down.
  7. Security Concerns are increasing
  8. More Facilities and Insurers Are Looking at Treatment Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction

HealthCare Facility Management Software

The usage and effect of these technologies have become unavoidable, as technical advances are increasing rapidly. One of the technologies that solve issues and streamline the resources and assets of hospitals is healthcare facility management software. This guarantees the efficient control of all day-to-day activities in a hospital with no compromise in standards of quality. The FM program also helps to manage and automate all the physical resources in the hospital. This results in streamlining the operations, better productivity, and increased return on investment (ROI). Implementing the FM software at hospitals earns better results and uninterrupted services round-the-clock.

Need for Facility Management Software’s like DOMITOS in Hospitals

Technology for the management of health facilities manages the assets at an optimal point and provides a wider reach of accounting, maintenance and more. Indeed, management of hospital facilities is more than a necessity because it helps to ensure that all service requirements and assets are met and handled quickly without compromising their quality and productivity. These software systems must also ensure that all medical, land, technological equipment, sterilization machines and human resources are configured to keep the process smooth and unbroken 24/7. And, of course, all standards and code laws, including protection, sanitation and fire code, must be followed by health facilities. This is done to guarantee the safety and safety of patients and other staff in the hospital.

Benefits of Facility Management in Hospitals

For hospitals there are many benefits of introducing cloud-based facilities management applications. Here is a list of benefits of information engineering for health facilities:

  1. Availability and Reliability of Resources: Numerous modules are included in the health facility management program, one of which is an asset management and maintenance module. Using this module, procedures are streamlined and all medical equipment and machinery configured at optimum conditions.
  2. Optimum Utilization of Resources: As everybody knows, a framework for health care management ensures the most effective optimisation of all healthcare facilities and services. For hospitals with a Space Optimisation System, there are other FM software applications. It's necessary to use the unused space in the infrastructure effectively and efficiently.
  3. Safety and Security of the Assets: The hospital management program also has a crucial aspect: it helps to ensure full protection and safety of all assets. The maintenance and asset monitoring feature of the system. This FM program tracks all major facilities, installations and properties in the hospital infrastructure. All services and availability are regulated and planned by the health care provider for an emergency.
  4. Mobility: The management platform for health care facilities is typically cloud-based and accessible in all parts of the world. You can access tools and assets through this cloud-based facility management app, be it a computer, sparkling phone or tablet with a network connection. The management program is typically distributed in different geographical locations on multiple servers. All resources and assets are therefore accessible to you 24 hours a day based on their activities.
  5. Affordable Cost: If you need a tool or commodity (whether it is a hardware or a software license), you don't need to buy it. You can opt for payment packages based on the usage of these tools and services by using the management program of the health care facility. You have no operating costs, note.
  6. Accuracy: You will monitor the database with maximum precision using cloud-based hospital facility management tools. All the assets and services with zero possible errors will be listed in full.
  7. Keep Track of Maintenance Costs: This may be a daunting job to keep track of all the properties and their activities around the clock. What if I say that with facility software, all these activities are easy to maintain? Yes, software applications for healthcare facilities allow hospitals to monitor all assets and the costs of their maintenance. It's quick for you!

There are various healthcare facility management software applications available in the market. Choosing the right one would benefit you in several ways. DOMITOS is one of the prominent maintenance management software that assists you with asset management and maintenance. With DOMITOS, you can easily keep track of the assets and optimize them effectively.

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