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For restaurants and other food service facilities, creating a friendly atmosphere for employers is critical. A survey reveals that 60% of the guests said they would eat more often in a good restaurant setting. Unnatural garbage, damage to properties and imperfections directly contribute to income loss. One of the many factors that influence your ability to draw customers is how you perform your facilities services, including waste disposal. The physical infrastructure of your restaurant needs daily maintenance or even repair. You want to extend your current site or purchase an existing location which needs rehabilitation and works on the exterior. DOMITOS can guarantee a clean environment and an efficient restaurant without interfacing with the customer experience, whether it's on-demand services such as refrigeration, HVAC, heating, plumbing, lawn maintenance, motorhome hands or recurring services, such as wastes and recycling, sustainable programming, grease traps services, hood washing, cooking oil etc.

How DOMITOS Tackles Restaurant Waste Disposal

We at DOMITOS also prepared a list of restaurant-specific facilities. In addition to the advantages the company, successful management of the facilities in the restaurant sector protects service staff, decreases costs and profits by constantly helping to maintain a safe and healthy image. This is why we are designing a personalized maintenance solution to suit your needs and satisfy your guests ' needs, so they will be coming back over and over again.

You take care of your guests all day. Let DOMITOS take care of your restaurant.

Types of Restaurant Facility Management Services We Can Handle

  1. Waste and Recycling Management
  2. Kitchen Maintenance
  3. Hood Cleanings
  4. Grease Trap Pumping
  5. Grease Trap Installation
  6. Cooking Oil Removal
  7. Lift Stations Service and Repair
  8. Fire Suppression
  9. Fire Extinguishers
  10. Refrigeration Service
  11. Commercial HVAC
  12. Commercial Plumbing
  13. Ice Machine and Beverage Equipment
  14. General Construction
  15. Masonry & Hardscaping
  16. General Electrical & Lighting Repairs
  17. Lawn Care
  18. Parking Lot Repairs & Striping
  19. Exterior Lighting, Signage & Painting
  20. Fence and Gate Repairs

The management of the restaurant facilities requires tasks that impact daily operations. Restaurant managers monitor energy use and management team members on the property, but the emphasis remains on maintaining safe and well-maintained facilities in a restaurant. Restaurant management depends on data to handle more locations with less resources in times of accelerated scalability and multisite restaurant portfolios.

  1. Data-Driven Restaurant Facility Management and Proactive Maintenance Reduces Impact on Guests, Staff and Services: Data-driven restaurant facility management and proactive maintenance are two sides of the same coin. Facility managers must assess the current status of facilities, plan for needed repairs and maintenance and implement a plan for scheduled maintenance. In other words, facilities managers must consider the risks and opportunities, part of the Six Sigma methodology, when planning for addressing maintenance needs. Fortunately, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) can help make these tasks easier through automation.
  2. Increased Competition Demands Agile Restaurant Facility Management Practices: Greater competition in the food service sector ensures that customers have more dining options and the prices of visiting visitors may play a significant role. As a consequence, facility managers must minimize operating costs efficiently while reducing the effects that maintenance has on guest experiences. To order to develop and execute maintenance programs, facility managers must be agile and versatile.
  3. Multi-Site Restaurant Facility Management Relies on Mobility and New Technology: Management of the restaurant facilities among multi-site companies can also be difficult. Managers of the facility may not be able to visit each location every day and to test current and expected servicing needs. Nevertheless, emerging technologies can be used, including automatic CMMS, self-evaluation, self-reporting equipment and mobile devices, to enable facility managers to "see."
  4. Proactive Maintenance Reduces Energy Consumption Costs and Promotes and Improves Hygiene: Proactive maintenance often benefits from a decrease in the cost of restaurants' energy use. Proactive maintenance will help to increase equipment life expectancy by updating and reducing utility bills. Proactive maintenance is also hygienic. Dirty filters and maintenance-related equipment can contribute to the growth of disease-borne pathogens, molds and other bacteria. With the widespread disruption of Chipotle 's existing supply chain, the possible effects of a foodborne disease outbreak may take much longer to complete the required maintenance. Yes, the outbreak of Blue Bell ice cream food-borne illness was caused by leaking HVAC condensation vents to enhance sanitation and food safety by preventive maintenance.

The management of the restaurants took note and concentrated on constructive maintenance measures to ensure problems are dealt with in real time, never in early hours, and prevent disruptive repairs or HVAC failures that would result in a disagreeable dining experience.

Restaurant Facility Management Must Be Agile The customer experience in restaurants is always changing. Restaurateurs must work to keep customers happy and coming back for the latest treats, eats and experience. In doing so, restaurant owners and facilities managers must keep track of everything, including the indoor temperature, grounds, energy usage, decoration, lighting and even waste. While this sounds overwhelming, digital restaurant facility management systems promote agile facility management. In other words, managers can track more aspects of the customer experience across more facilities. Thus, costs associated with restaurant facility management personnel decrease.

Compliance Is Essential to Restaurant Facility Management

Holding customer service is just half the battle. In both businesses and restaurants, the laws on energy use and sustainable practices are on the horizon. Meanwhile, warm temperatures indoors can cause eating diseases and fines. Nevertheless, data-based system management identifies issues early and does not cause a warm environment to become a desert experience. This constructive ability lowers operating costs further through predictive and preventive maintenance.

Fewer Service Calls Prevents Closing for Maintenance

Nobody wants to deal with the challenges of seeing or hearing while feeding. Restaurant managers need a program to prevent problems during open hours. Luckily, digital solutions offer continuing input that allows managers to set up open hours maintenance schedules that reduce the effect on customer service.

Digital Systems Improve Appearance

It should be obvious to keep the terrain good. But managers look at every cent. You want to ensure that your frivolous activities do not waste money. Unfortunately, inadequate maintenance can have a lasting and detrimental effect on restaurants, and the management structures of digital facilities can have a financial impact. It helps facility managers to clarify to customers why more money is needed and how it is used exactly.

Data-based systems allow transformation of facility management

Management of facilities in restaurants was always a cost centre, but it is necessary. Today's restaurant managers can also transform this phase into a business' value core by using the use of Internet access and advanced facility management systems. The digital system management systems generate cost saving opportunities rather than waste money. For other parts of the restaurant, as in low pricing or enhancements to POS systems, you can make changes without damaging profit margins.

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