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We offer tailored IT consulting services for a wide range of business Industries. We handle large-scale IT projects with high challenges. Providing all-round software consulting, mDrift Technologies helps its customers from diversified industries understanding the challenges and provide end-to-end software solutions We provide a very cost effective at a very fast pace and deliver high-quality software solutions. Our knowledge in the consulting domain is vast which has earned us the status of a leading development company capable of handling complex projects. We work with many of our international clients, delivering, complex product development engagements in open source and Microsoft based technologies. Projects span from web based applications to Research intensive from scratch development engagements. Our research teams (from premier institutes like NITs and IITs), deliver cutting edge solutions and love taking technical challenges. mDrift’s advantages is swift project conceptualization with faster UI prototyping and faster agile delivery sprints. For more details please visit mDrift Technologies

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