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How to select a facility management software

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The selection of a new software to manage business is a huge decision and the significance of an organisation cannot be understood. After all, a provider can influence overall performance of the workplace, business efficiency, well-being, productivity and not least the attraction and retention of talent. Professionals in facilities management are constantly searching for ways to streamline workflows, optimise successful procedures, and discover innovative approaches to improve the efficiency of their team.

Fortunately, several methods and programmes are designed to accomplish this. Workplace systems can help teams and can be designed and customised to meet all size FM community specifications. But what is the most successful way to assess which framework, features and modules. It is necessary therefore to fit the system with the jobs in order to achieve the best results.

Top challenges faced by the CAFM


Each Cloud CAFM solution project manager will have to approach the issue of data security intensively. Professional and reliable CAFM cloud providers maintain the current data protection, including approved protocols for their clients. At least in contrast with the traditional provider of the solution, the point of reliance on software service providers has to be taken into account. Below mentioned are some of the issues faced by a CAFM.

  1. Poor areas in system and process management are highlighted
  2. Installation / training services used
  3. Data migration (export / import) from current systems Time / Costs
  4. Can't satisfy 100% of existing business process requirements
  5. Original expensive installation

Selecting a CAFM


When selecting new facility software, consideration should also be given to the importance of careful planning. In order to provide guidance and information for the entire process, from the selection and implementation to post-sales support, Service Works Group has created a detailed and unbiased guide. Following are the few key points to remember while selecting the best CAFM for your organization.

I. Deeply understand your facility needs of your organization


Take a list of your facilities management needs before you start shopping for FM applications. The best way to get the most from computer aided facility management software is to learn first how and how you can use it. There are some really critical questions to ask:

  • How many employees do you have?
  • What type of building are you using?
  • Do you share the room with other groups or does your organization use your existing premises solely?
  • What is the method of decision making, like project management, asset management and maintenance?

If you are already using a Building management software, then Identify why you are not satisfied and the challenges that you face with the current software. Your IWMS should make the management activities more effective and more productive – from the transition management, room allocation and real estate forecasting to the management of workspaces. Think also about how the activities of facility management in your entire company could be more efficient. This type of introspection is the first step in unlocking full facility management benefits from software which meets the daily operational needs of your organisation.

II. Researching the marketplace


There are a variety of recent developments in technology to consider when deciding on the right applications for facility management. New possibilities have opened up to FM for hosting and deploying apps and embracing mobile technology, so you should be aware of the choices for choosing the ones that are important to your organisation.

Mobile: The majority of FM systems are Internet-based and available. Can your business profit from mobile device access? This involves collecting order forms, uploading asset condition proof with the camera of the unit, scanning the QR codes to access asset and service history data information and other information.

Integration: Some facilities management programmes may focus on performance improvement and business decision-making, with other organisational structures, such as Building Management Systems (BMS) and Building Information Modelling (BIM).

III. Finding the best Vendor


The first thing is to shortlist and compare software to find the best facilities management tool. While most of the equipment management applications can look the same, variations can make a huge difference. For example, you might experience a more department-focused application for mobile access. Whereas another method, like a CMMS, can concentrate all its attention on maintenance management. It is important to have an understanding of what your CAFM tools need due to the small variations in a seller's product. You are in good condition to hunt for the marketplace once you have these desirables in place.

Consider to go through these steps:

  • Have a definitive list of the features, requirements and KPIs
  • Shortlist at least five vendors that match your list of requirements
  • Screenshot, write down or print out the functions that each vendor can supply
  • Make a list of noteworthy points from each vendor such as free trials, training support and prices

At the end of this comparison and evaluation stage, you should be left with the ideal tool that is going to meet your requirements. While also improving the efficiency of your management and maintenance processes, and helping to achieve milestones. Try to connect with the best facility management company that has FM certifications for their products.

IV. Check how the chosen CAFM can scale up the business


When your company expands, how will facilities help this development, and what will it allow you to do to prevent you from doing otherwise? It is important to see FM software as a long-term investment. When you look at how to use software, you can explore these opportunities to map your company's growth.

Can a step towards centralised management of facilities boost the results? Can a new desk arrangement decrease your operating costs as you raise your workforce? Will you spend the next year on capital? Put your existing five-year plan in line with the facility management solution and find ways to achieve your objectives.

V. Demo Trial and explore the product


Once you finalize with the product, be sure to take a demo and explore. Make sure that as many of your potential candidates as possible are demoed or tested. This will not just give you a handy understanding and sense of the platform in real time, but will also show you what to expect when you finally select that particular software system of facility management.

A guided demo is an excellent way of introducing your platform step by step and also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and a representative will answer them during your demonstration. Likewise, unguided trials allow you to uninterruptedly explore the platform for yourself.

VI. Cross-reference of tool with required maintenance and management needs


  • Can the software offer the right features for enhancing workflow and collaboration in the organisation of facilities processes?
  • Is it a good way to monitor and minimise ongoing services, repairs and equipment, and resources for monitoring and analytics?
  • Will it provide you with a monitoring system, which alerts you to the start, completion or overdue of a maintenance work order?
  • Will the system transfer all the user, equipment and service information and store it in a central database repository that is accessible?
  • Can the system be connected to an IoT-enabled computer asset management tool, such as GPS trackers and intelligent heating systems, to provide real-time data so as to prolong equipment usability?
  • Does this system offer web-based / cloud access to sensitive data from anywhere, any time on a mobile device to all maintenance personnel?

VII. Integrating With Existing Systems


For a reputable supplier of software management, a completely functional system is not the end of the process. Ensure you understand what is included in the device price, for instance service and maintenance, and how improvements can be implemented to ensure that potential technical advancements take advantage of your implementation. User education should also be accepted, which will ensure that the system reaches its maximum ability to optimise the business' return on investment.

VIII. Making the Final Decision


When you have taken the time to test different system software systems for facilities management against the requirements outlined here, you, your staff and your company will have to take a trustworthy decision. Check every forum for the choices that are available and viable according to your standards, comments, critiques, feedback and constructive controls. Also, check whether your organisation is fit to outsource facility management. Make sure all policy makers and investors will have to be on board before the deployment happens. This is especially relevant if you are working for a landlord or building owner as an installation manager. You would also have to address the needs of staff, such as support teams and outsourced cleaning workers, who are required to use this tool.

IX. FM software implementation process


Implementing your selected FM programme customises to ensure that the value of your device is quickly recovered and a smooth transition. A process management development plan should be developed that includes the timescale, availability of resources and the scope of specifications. Creating a multi-skilled project team is also important because these individuals can progress the project to meeting the deadlines, communicating resource requirements in different business areas and providing valuable support to ensure user buy-in to the selected system.

X. Post-sales support


For a reputable supplier of software management, a completely functional system is not the end of the process. The vendor’s duties are not finished until the system is in operation and online. Your team would require preparation, as well as technical support during and after execution. Have thorough discussions about what training providers should provide (and any related costs) and make sure all system changes are supported if appropriate.

Note, your seller can be used to extend your team and make use of their own FM expertise to your advantage. Ensure you understand what is included in the device price, for instance service and maintenance, and how improvements can be implemented to ensure that potential technical advancements take advantage of your implementation. User education should also be accepted, which will ensure that the system reaches its maximum ability to optimise the business' return on investment.

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