Domitos Custom Module for COVID MANAGEMENT

Domitos Custom Module for COVID MANAGEMENT

Developed for facility management teams within the Governments and NGO sectors, looking to manage the facilities under the current COVID pandemic scenario - the solution is primarily built on Domitos Facility Management Core.Features have been extended to control Facilities Specific to COVID Isolation Centers especially in Workforce Accommodation Sectors for Government.

Bed Management

Resident Bed Management - COVID specific

Facility Management

Manage Facilities - Blocks, Units , Rooms - Any type

Property Maintenance

Periodic and Unplanned Maintenance Management

Mobile App

Mobile App for Field Service and Tasks in the Facility

Resident Data

Collect predefined 50+ data fields regarding Residents & Foreign Workers

3rd Party Integrations

Send Data and recieve Data via REST API Builder

Alerts & Notifications

Get periodic status updates and triggered events

Admin & Role Management

Create Users and Control the accesibility View Level

Domitos covid facility management in multiple hierarchies

Manage COVID Facilities

With Domitos Manage COVID Facilities in Multiple Heirarchies. Control the facilities across geography, On a block Level to Unit Level or Room to Bed Level.

COVID Control Tower

Know Patient Updates, Capture COVID Test results, map Residents based on Medical Parameters. Fields are configurable too.

Domitos covid facility management control tower
Covid social ditancing by geographical hotspot tagging

Enforce Social Distancing

Restrict Access to Hotspots. Pull out Resident Information to Mobile Apps. Manage Multiple Facilities and Patients with Geographical Hotspot Tagging.

Manage Hot Spots

Make sure the Hotspots as well as entry to your Geography is restricted. Integrate with Law and Enforcement Systems and 3rd Party Systems to provide visibility of Patients.

covid hotspot management by geography restriction

Questions & Answers

Domitos is flexible in deployment. We are open on cloud based deployments as well as On premise. The entire tech stack is built on Django and Python technologies which means it can run on any operating system with ease.

This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 Months depending on customizations. We treat each of our clients unique. We believe in customizing and tailor-izing solutions as per your requirement.

We follow a module wise pricing. Drop in an enquiry and we shall be happy to help. Do let us know if you are an NGO or Government Organisations for massive discounts.

Our 20 member customizations expert can quickly customize and roll out versions to you in limited time.

Support follows L1, L2, L3 model with varied response time. For support tickets we use Zoho Support software for managing support tickets.Your Account manager shall be happy to assist you in any needs.

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